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Salter 9068 WH3R Eco Electronic Scale

Salter 9068 WH3R Eco Electronic Scale

The Salter 9068 WH3R Eco Scale is a stylish scale that is powered by light natural or artificial and charges up in just a few seconds. This modern stylish scale would look great in an bathroom and comes with a large toughened glass platform and easy to read LCD display.

Model: 9068 WH3R

• Powered by light, no batteries required
• Works in both natural and artificial lighting conditions
• Charges up in just a few seconds
• Stylish toughened glass platform
• Easy read LCD display, display size: 8 x 3.8cm
• Large platform for generous foot room
• Step on for instant weight reading
• Capacity: 180kg / 28st 8lb / 400lb
• 15 Year Guarantee

Price: 34.02 (Including VAT at 20%)

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