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Inno Foam Dispenser Purple

Inno Foam Dispenser Purple

Purple Foam Soap Dispenser from Croydex

This foam dispenser saves up to 70% of soap. Air is sucked into the soap in combination with water, this being pumped outside and creating a rich foam. This foam dispenser is very economical and saves up to 70% of soap. The Dispenser is suitable for all liquid soap.

• Foaming dispenser is economical and makes your soap last longer.
• Suitable for both bathroom and kitchen areas.
• Fill the dispenser with 60% water, 20% liquid soap, lotion or conditioner & 20% air.
• Freestanding.
• Soft touch finish.
• Easy to clean and fill.
• 250ml total capacity.

Dimensions: 170 x 66 x 94mm (HxWxD)

Free Delivery with this dispenser

Price: 13.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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