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Croydex Epsom Mirror QM411041

Croydex Epsom Mirror QM411041

Croydex Epsom/Pendle safety backed glass mirror with a 10mm bevelled edge on tilting chrome brackets.

• Finish: Chrome
• Dimensions :380 x 380 x 90mm (HxwxD)
• Durable zinc alloy construction
• High quality chrome plated finish
• Easy to fit
• Unique 'X' plate can be screwed to walls using the same fixing points left by most old accessories, no drilling required
• Unique 'X' plate is universal across the Flexi-Fix collection so you can easily update your accessories in the future
• All fixings included

This mirror does not include the glue fix fixing method.

Delivery usually 1-2 working days

Price: 46.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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