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Premier Chrome Toilet brush and Paper Hanger 1600115

Premier Chrome Toilet brush and Paper Hanger 1600115

Integrating a toilet brush and roll holder, the sleek design looks stylish while being practical. Add a contemporary touch to your bathroom.

Keeping your bathroom hygienic is a task we all take pride in and with the toilet brush and roll holder you get style with practicality. A slender design means it won't be taking up to much space keeping your bathroom clutter free. Featuring a chrome finish, the toilet brush and roll holder gives a sparkling look while remaining durable and sturdy. The toilet roll holder sits at the top concealed by a curved plate allowing for easy access while screening the toilet roll. The brush fits effortlessly into the holder that is attached to the tubular frame that arcs gracefully from top to bottom. A tubular arc floor base adds to the style giving your bathroom a contemporary feel while keeping it clutter free and hygienic.

• Dimensions: H80 x W17 x D29cm
• Stylish and practical.
• Slender design.
• Keeps bathroom tidy.
• Chrome finish.
• Sturdy.

Delivery approximately 1-3 working days.

Delivery charge £5.50, free with orders over £75.00, (UK mainland only)

Price: 21.14 (Including VAT at 20%)

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