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Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat

Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat
Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat - view 1Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat - view 2Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat - view 3Carrara & Matta Avocado STA-TITE Toilet Seat - view 4

Avocado coloured replacement toilet seat designed and manufactured by Carrara & Matta with STA-TITE - patented fixing system that will not loosen! Simple, "no mess" installation ensures your seat stays tight on the pan. This seat is made from moulded wood and thermoset. This Carrara & Matta Avocado seat comes with easy to fix strong durable, adjustable plastic hinges that that hold the seat firmly to the WC pan and will not slide or work loose and fit most standard UK pans.

• Colour: Avocado
• Bemis product code: 340550125
• Dimensions - W37.1 cm x L43.1 cm - 44.67 cm Adjustable
• Hinge Width - 13.92 cm - 17.07 cm Adjustable
• Material - Moulded Wood and Thermoset
• Adjustable Plastic hinges
• Fits all standard pans
• Robust
• Weight - 2.7KG
• Internal width on seat 22.02 cm
• Internal length on seat 27.33 cm

This seat features STA-TITE®: the patented fixing system that always stays tight and takes the guesswork out of installation. The lower portion of the nut shears off when the proper tightness is reached, so it is always perfectly tight.
Toilet Seat Detailspdf

IMPORTANT - This toilet seat comes sealed inside a clear plastic bag. If the seat is removed or the seal is broken, it cannot be returned due to hygiene purposes, please check the size carefully.

Please note colours may vary dependant on the screen type and resolution of your computer. Picture is a guide only.

Bemis moulded wood toilet seats are made from a wood flour formula that creates a more consistent product than MDF. Responsibly and locally sourced wood, mostly coming from post-industrial by products, is processed in house to give the up most quality control throughout the seat making process. Moulded wood seats are finished with environmentally friendly water based paint with a finish that gives a warm to the touch feel.

Delivery for this Avocado toilet seat is usually 1-2 working days

Delivery charge £5.50, free with orders over £75.00, (UK mainland only)

Price: 22.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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