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Zamori Rectangle Shower Tray 1200 x 700 - Z1173

Zamori Rectangle Shower Tray 1200 x 700 - Z1173

Zamori 1200 x 700 x 35mm high rectangle shower tray.

Zamori is one of the leading manufacturers of shower tray's in the UK. All trays are tough and durable, the trays are 35mm thick and feature a rigid steel tube for extra strength and are finished with a toughened acrylic cap. The trays feature a flat under surface which makes levelling and installation easier.

• Dimensions - 1200mm x 700mm x 35mm
• Thickness - 35mm
• Colour - White
• Materials - PU Foam, Acrylic Capped Outer
• Concealed Steel tube Support Frame

Please note that the shower waste pictured is not included in the price. This is available to purchase separately.

Optional panel kit to raise the tray to allow room for pipe work and sealing kit available.

Shower Tray Panel Kit
If you cannot run your waste under the floor you will have to raise your shower tray to allow room for the pipe work. In such cases you need a shower panel kit. Kits come complete with male and female acrylic panels, legs and adjustable arms with magnets - so that you can remove the panel easily if you need access for maintenance. Simply choose the panel kit that suits the tray you have chosen

Panels are made from acrylic - so the colour match to your tray is perfect.

Sealing Strip
Water sealing strip - takes minutes to install. All trays should be installed with a sealing mechanism - to prevent water seeping between the tray and the wall. This is especially true in bathrooms with wooden floors - where floor movement is far more likely.

Fitting instructions

Price: 148.01 (Including VAT at 20%)

Shower Waste
Chrome High Flow Shower Waste 17.35 Inc. VAT
Panel & Leg Set
Panel & leg Set 80.75 Inc. VAT
Sealing Strip
Sealing Strip 4.1m length 13.60 Inc. VAT

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