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Shower Tray Seal Ultra - ShowerSeal Ultra 10 - 2 Sides

Shower Tray Seal Ultra - ShowerSeal Ultra 10 - 2 Sides

Easy to fit and coming as a complete kit, the BathSeal & ShowerSeal Ultra 10 products are guaranteed to keep the mould away for 10 years guaranteed.

The Bath Seals and Shower Seals are gloss white and are easily cut to size,one end is profiled to make fitting extremely simple and everything you need including the sealant is supplied.

Manufactured by Byretech, our ShowerSeal product is easy to fit, seals in your tray to the wall and stops that black mould from appearing for an amazing 10 years !

Now even better grip to the wall and tray with "Ripple Grip" technology, keeping it bonded for longer.

By having a "solid profile" rather than the traditional "hollow" bath trims, the adhesion between the wall, the profile and the tray is maximised to give a longer lasting seal that is flexible yet strong.

Profile dimensions: 15mm wide x 15mm high

ShowerSeal Ultra 10 can be used on trays up to a maximum of 1.5m x 1.0m in size. ( Kit does 2 sides of tray )

Designed to be an "easy fit" product, ShowerSeal Ultra 10 has pre-profiled ends to make the installation so simple, even a DIY novice could handle it.

No more 45 degree angles to cut thanks to the patented "Interlock System", ShowerSeal Ultra 10 looks great when fitted, but most importantly works extra hard to prevent those annoying leaks from happening in your bathroom.

Delivery usually 1-2 working days.

Price: 34.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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