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Salter 9050 SVBK3R Glass Electronic Scale

Salter 9050 SVBK3R Glass Electronic Scale

Electronic toughened glass platform ultra slim scale.

The best thing about this set of scales is the display. Instead of the usual grey LCD, or red LED type display, this one has large, bright white backlit LCD numbers on a black background. Not only is this easy to read, but it looks great too.

The scales are adjustable to weigh in Kilos, Pounds, or Stones and Pounds, using a simple switch on the bottom. They measure in increments of 0.1kg or 0.2lb. The batteries are standard AAA batteries, four of which are supplied. A set of extended feet are also supplied for use on carpet.

They are also "instant on" so you just need to stand on them for an instant reading instead of having to give them a tap with your foot to turn them on first.


· Weight capacity: 150kg or 23St 8lb
· Easy read display
· Attractive glass platform
· Step on for instant reading
· Large platform for generous foot room
· 4 x AAA batteries included

15 Year Manufactures Guarantee

Price: 28.74 (Including VAT at 20%)

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